Towards a futureproof society

I have a strong interest in encouraging people to start acting towards sustainable solutions to create a healthy, future proof society within a healthy planet. Besides technical solutions, I believe it is fundamental to work on behavior change towards the right attitude in how we consume, eat, use resources and restore ecosystems.

My goal is to accelerate the transition towards a future proof society, by connecting inspiring bottom-up initiatives with commercial companies, government and scientific institutes. Together we are able to create new communities of practises, and thereby organize new, better structures.

Behaviour Change

Regarding behaviour change methods, I use insights from the fields of evolutionary psychology, positive psychology and ‘social marketing methods’.

Social Marketing is “the systematic application of marketing concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioural goals for socially  desired behavirour”. French, Blair-Stevens 2006.

Education is an important first step to raise awareness, but this is insufficient to change behaviour by itself. Motivational messages tailored to the context of the recipient – addressing their beliefs, their situation and their views of the future – are necessary. People are not purely rational, emotion, personal desires and societal trends play a strong role in how people make decisions.

Advertisement is based on behavioural psychology insights that trigger a consumer to purchase a product not because she/he needs it for a rational reason, but because she/he wants it for an emotional reason. Often this approach is more impactful and effective than a knowledge-based awareness-raising campaign.

Enabling and encouraging more sustainable lifestyle models requires a deeper understanding of differing lifestyle needs and desires to be met, and the differing motivators, influencers and triggers to behaviour change.